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Nickel plating is one of the most popular plating finishes and is often the choice where a decorative lustrous finish is required. It is also used for engineering purposes because of its hardness. Bright nickel is often used prior to the deposit of a decorative chrome plating in order to achieve a bright finish. The characteristics of nickel plating can vary depending upon the process and plating baths used. The characteristics of nickel plating include:

Lustrous Finish - A bright nickel plated deposit has the ability to hide small imperfections in the base metal. This is known as leveling. Nickel plating is often used as a final finish, but it can also be used prior to other finishes. Decorative chrome plating usually contains much more nickel than chrome. Bright nickel is first deposited to give the parts a brilliant level finish. A thin deposit of chrome is used over the nickel plating to give it the appropriate colour and characteristics of the final finish.
Corrosion Protection - Nickel plating offers excellent corrosion protection. nickel process is often used on decorative chrome-plated parts used in exterior applications, such as automotive.

Nickel Plating