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The final finish obtained on the part is dependent on many factors. Although much of the brightness and levelling (surface smoothness) is obtained by our use of a high quality bright nickel electroplating process . This can only occur if the substrate (Base material) is prepared to a standard suitable for decorative finishing.

This involves linishing and polishing the base material to a sufficiently flaw free and smooth surface so as to optimise the finish obtained using our high brightness levelling nickel.

Certain materials may be too rough or heavily corroded to enable us to obtain a suitable surface for obtaining the finish you desire and we will advise you of this when you bring it to us.

Linishing involves using rotating abrasive belts in varying grades from quite coarse to very fine as determined by the surface condition so as to obtain a smooth finish on a component.

Polishing uses large diameter mops made of cloth or sisal rotating at speed on a lathe like machine to produce a bright reflective surface. This process is aided by coating the mops with suitable polishing compounds.


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