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Chrome Plating  

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Decorative Chrome Plating - Traditionally used on exterior parts of automobiles, decorative chrome is usually a relatively thin layer of chrome plated over other combinations of plating, such as nickel, copper-nickel.

Bright Chrome - The most common finish is bright chrome plated over a bright nickel plate. Bright nickel plating with about a thickness of 0.0005 inches or more will have the property of levelling or brightening the surface of the base metal. If a mirror-bright finish is required, as in the case with high quality motorcycle parts, the base metal will require polishing and/or buffing. Base metals are also an important consideration. For example, zinc die cast parts are normally coated with a layer of copper plating prior to the nickel plating.
Satin/Brushed Chrome -- The basic difference between these two finishes is that satin is normally an even matt finish where brushed normally has even brush lines. There are many different methods of achieving these finishes. Satin at Douglas is achieved by using a pearl nickel as an undercoat to chrome. The resulting looks can be very different. Brush lines can be combined with different levels of brightness to give a variety of appearances. Because of the infinite possible combinations, it is very important to review or submit samples of the finish.
Chrome Plating